Registration Procedure

Schools have visited the ISMC website or have received information about the ISMC and want to take part. They complete the School Information Form in order to inform the ISMC of their interest and to request for the Registration Form and additional information. Registrations must come from school. Only teachers should submit the Registration Form. Each school may register as many students as possible.


Fill up the online School Information Form.


Registration Form will be sent to the school.


Email the completed Registration Form to


e-Invoice will be generated and sent to the school.


Remit and email the bank slip to


Confirmation letter will be sent to the school.

ISMC Rules and Regulations

The competition is an individual written test. It is held at the student’s own school, to be administered by the assigned person(s) in charge. The paper contains 25 questions. The time allotted is 90 minutes. The paper is in English. Each participant will receive an answer sheet to record their answer. Blank paper for calculation is part of the questions booklet. Students can only bring pencil, eraser and geometric tools to the competition. Primary 3 and 4 students may not use a calculator during the competition; Primary 5 and 6 students may use a calculator during the competition.

  1. One week before the competition, competition package will be sent to the school. Competition package consists of questions booklets and answer sheets.
  2. Schools will enforce the regulations of the competition, especially making sure that the questions are not leaked before the competition day. On the competition day, the school conducts the contest at their own venue(s).
  3. School will send the answer sheets to the secretariat, latest one week after the competition day.
  4. The results will be announced 8 weeks after the competition.
Ask a Question Warm Up

ISMC School Information Form