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    Welcome Mathnificents!
    Come together. Over love for Mathematics.
    This March 2020, Primary students from around the world will again put on their thinking caps solving challenging
    problems. This will be a great learning experience for all! Aren't you excited to take part?

    ISMC 2020 Registration for Primary 2 up to Primary 6 students is Now Open!

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Registration is under school and can only be done by teacher. Each school may register as many students as possible.

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ISMC is beyond winning. It’s not about having a champion to look up to, but inspiring the one that is inside each of us.

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The Rationale of ISMC

There is great enthusiasm among Primary students to compete in mathematics competitions. This is an extremely good sign for the progress of mathematics education. However, most mathematics competitions seem to be testing students' knowledge beyond the school syllabus and exposing what the students cannot do while a mathematics competition should actually be a platform to reveal what students can do!

ISMC aims to encourage the young students to compete at the international level. It also helps to identify best talents among students. Its syllabus is mainly common with the Singapore Maths (Primary) syllabus. Thus, students can take part in ISMC without advanced beyond-the-grade-level knowledge and marathon of special training trying to learn in hours all topics which are new and unfamiliar to them.

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Our Team

All of the ISMC papers are developed by an international expert team of test constructors. We are experienced education professionals with combination of a passion for quality assessment and an understanding of complexity of delivering the subject matters in the classroom day to day.

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